Growing up in the Rust Belt, Cleveland Ohio, to be exact, I became very familiar with factories and high-capacity manufacturing. As a result, I'm a big fan of American manufacturing and ingenuity. I often thought of producing home services in the same manner that steel or cars are produced: big volume. I think big and wanted to build something that could service homes on a big scale. Because with big scale comes big revenue. My goal has always been to build a national home contracting business with a production system permitting large scale service manufacturing.

In 2009, I conceived a way to treat neighborhoods like an assembly line and designed a "gadget truck" that permitted industrial scale production in a residential setting. This truck enables us to provide many different home services simultaneously using one production system. In addition, our billing and operations management are state-of-the-art and are provided using proprietary software over the Internet. As a result, the Aqua pro system has created efficiencies unmatched in the residential contracting industry.

My philosophy is simple: sell high-quality services that are differentiated from other contractors and sell in large volumes that have not been seen in the residential contracting industry. We have a simple door to door selling and service delivery approach that provides the highest quality home service experience in the world. This business model has led to corporate expansion into the southwest, southeast and Midwest regions. Franchising is therefore the next logical step.

We have a no nonsense American style to our business and franchise system. We say what we are going to do, and then we do it. Our culture centers around efficiency and industrial scaled service production. We want to sell franchises to people who share in this idea of American-style production. Hustle, drive, hard work, and integrity are required. If you would like to own a piece of the American services manufacturing pie, this business is for you and we are looking for only the best.

Bill Pettijohn

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